Giclee Prints

Giclee print, dardy
About Giclee Prints

One of the problems with selling original paintings or works of art is that the image is gone once its sold. However Making digital copies of the images and then using them to make card or prints or whatever, offers another potential income stream.
Giclee prints are essentially digital prints that can be made on a range of papers. As with other digital printing processes they offer the opportunity to create small print runs without the need to print 1000s and are ideal for testing out the market or for print on demand and selling direct to the customer. Much information about giclee prints is available on the internet, and a brief introduction can be found here.

Giving it a go

Any way I thought I needed to find out for myself so I ordered a proof from Redcliffe Imaging along with some sample papers.
I used the same files as I used for the greetings cards but printed onto Hahnemhle Albrecht Durer watercolour paper, which are shown in the image above. The quality is very good but I don't think there is a noticeable difference from the colours printed on the greetings card. Its difficult to see the fineness of the printing without a hand lens. The main difference is probably the quality and feel of the paper which because it's textured has more of the feel of the paper used in the original collage.
The next stage is to order a complete print and I think it would benefit from a wide border.